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Coffee Bag | GIFT BOX 15 Pics

Coffee Bag | GIFT BOX 15 Pics

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A coffee bag that allows you to easily brew coffee just by soaking it in hot water like a tea bag . Since no paper is used, even coffee oil is extracted luxuriously. You can taste the flavor of coffee directly.

A generous gift of 5 pieces of 3 different flavors [ 15 pieces gift ]
It's a must-have gift that you can easily enjoy as long as you have hot water, and enjoy the unique flavor.


■ [Light Roast] Ethiopia Simekt Daba Washed ○ Citrus-like gorgeousness, black tea-like refreshing taste

■ [Medium Roast] Shikisima Blend ○ Our well-balanced signature blend

■ [Dark Roast] Guatemala El Pacayarito Washed ○ Sweetness of dried fruits, pleasant bitterness with aroma of nuts and cacao

We also offer noshi for New Year's, mid-year, year-end gifts, etc., so please write in the notes section when ordering.

Best before date: 1 year from date of manufacture Storage: Please store at room temperature
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