Founded in 2022 as a sister store of FACTORY in Chiyoda-cho, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, with the theme of "Smiles that connect with everyday life." The newly renovated Shinonome Shinkin Bank Maebashi Sales Department and FM GUNMA's new office building, the plaza "Tsudoniwa" open to the public, and a co-working space in the library. This is a store attached to it.

The library is visited by students and other citizens every day. Shinkin banks are places that are the cornerstone of the daily lives of local people, and we believe that having a coffee stand where people can interact is very important. Additionally, as part of the "Maebashi Urban Design" project, this location has been set up as a conduit extending outward from the center of Maebashi Machinaka.

Currently, Maebashi City is taking on the challenge of creating a new form of regional revitalization under the slogan "Mebuku." An art hotel called ``SHIROIYA HOTEL'' was opened in the town, an art museum called Arts Maebashi, a famous gallery opened in Maebashi Galleria, and a local currency called Mebuku PAY was started. Shutter Street is trying to create big waves from small waves with the help of many people.

We feel that we are playing a part in fostering local communities as a coffee stand by connecting government, financial institutions, town planning, and the media. We will continue to promote our activities as a team, believing that the rich taste of specialty coffee enriches people's spirits, and that the coffee scene can connect people, culture, and local communities.

We are a coffee stand that lives together with the local community.