Founded in 2020 in Shikishima-cho, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, with the theme of "bringing rich enjoyment to everyday life."

This coffee roaster is located in a place rich in nature, adjacent to Shikishima Park, which has one of the largest grounds in Gunma Prefecture. The store design is a reinterpretation of the Japanese aesthetic ``KISSA,'' and the main focus is on brewing with a siphon, which is a symbol of Japanese coffee shop culture even though it originated overseas.

We have three large and small roasting machines and a cupping space in our air-conditioned roasting room, and we work hard every day to provide our customers with new discoveries through coffee and an exciting coffee experience.

Since coffee is a luxury item, each customer has a variety of tastes, so the roasted coffee we offer ranges from light roast to dark roast.
We are conscious of roasting that is suitable for each bean, and try to roast the coffee in a way that brings out its individuality without interfering with the flavor characteristics or ingredients as much as possible. Among these, we explore the uniqueness of the production area and roast with particular attention to the ``texture'' and ``sweetness'' of the coffee.
Our store also employs Q Arabica graders, who are international coffee appraisers certified by the Coffee Quality Institute. Green beans are stored in an appropriate temperature-controlled workshop, and moisture levels are measured and recorded. After each roast, we use a roast color analyzer to check the degree of roasting, and use a process called hand-picking to remove defective beans to bring out the clean, rich flavor.

Nowadays, the times have evolved and it is now possible to purchase from various routes. As a micro roaster, we strive to source a wide variety of products, from small-scale direct trade to many unique trading companies.
While suppressing the origin of each season, we take a bird's-eye view of refining, varieties, and roasting levels, and are conscious of creating a lineup that enriches our customers' daily lives with the fun of coffee.

With the slogan "LOCAL (small production areas) TO LOCAL (small consumption areas)," we are conscious of scooping up even more fragmented small production areas and connecting them to small consumption areas like the one where our store is located. doing.

In addition to the existing large flow, delivering the charm of coffee to small regions from small places that are intricate like capillaries and small places like micro roasters will improve the quality of specialty coffee as a whole. We believe this will increase depth and breadth. In the future, we plan to further work on local consumption and what micro roasters can do.