Our Philosophy

In recent years, various varieties and refining methods have been introduced in specialty coffee through the efforts of producers, resulting in flavors that are not typical of coffee or that cannot be expressed solely by the terroir (characteristics of the region of origin) that we know. You may.

The appeal of specialty coffee will continue to evolve and provide us with surprising experiences, and the moment we taste a new coffee bean, our hearts are filled with excitement.

At our store, we have three types of roasting machines and use them depending on the purpose.
Newly handled raw beans are sample roasted using IKAWA (hot air method). At the sample roast, we select the green beans we will handle while checking the flavor of the green beans through cupping.

When the beans arrive, we use SINAR to measure their moisture content and density, and test roast them at IKAWA. In the test roast, we consider the degree of roasting that brings out the best qualities of the raw beans, and then perform the actual roasting in a DIEDRICH IR-5 (semi-hot air 5kg pot). DIEDRICH uses an infrared burner as its heat source, so it is good at making sweet and clean coffee. In addition, by using an afterburner, the smoke and odor generated during roasting are not exhausted to the outside, which is environmentally friendly.

Immediately after roasting, there is a fragrant aroma called roast aroma, so lightly roasted beans will taste even better if you let them age for about 1 to 2 weeks to get a clean fruity feeling.

The longer you roast dark roasts, the more the aroma will fade and the flavor will become more bewitching, so if you leave it to age for about a week, the flavor will stand out. The taste of the beans changes every day, so we hope you will enjoy them after purchasing them.

What we keep in mind when roasting is to bring out the flavor of the raw beans. Coffee is a drink, and I feel that each person has a different taste that they find delicious.

Our store has a lineup ranging from light roasts to dark roasts. We focus on creating a sweet coffee that tastes like fresh fruit with a light roast, and a bewitching and sweet coffee that can be created by dark roasting, which is not only bitter.

We would be happy if we could work closely with everyone and create something together so that our customers can encounter delicious coffee and have a surprising experience that overturns the concept of coffee. Please enjoy the wonderful coffee made by coffee farmers. We would be happy if we could be a bridge between you and farmers around the world.