RWANDA | Kilimbi CWS Lot2 Washed

It has a refreshing citrus flavor reminiscent of lime, with a gentle sweetness reminiscent of sugar cane. It has a pleasant liquid feel, and depending on the temperature range, it has a pure sweet and sour taste reminiscent of stone fruit plums and cherries.

It has a somewhat Japanese feel, and you can also enjoy the nuances of green tea, which is familiar to the Japanese palate. It is a coffee with a friendly and soft taste. Please give it a try!

Lime, Stone Fruit, Sugar Cane, Well Balance

Kirimbi Coffee Washing Station is located in Nyamasheke District, Western Province of Rwanda, close to Lake Kivu, the largest lake in Rwanda. The soil is fertile, and the wind blowing from the lake has a large difference in temperature throughout the day, making it an ideal environment for coffee cultivation.

Although this area has a steady rainfall and is an ideal environment for coffee cultivation, the problem was that the infrastructure could not withstand it and bridges were washed away every time there was heavy rain. Kirinbi CWS is one of the CWSs whose quality is improving year by year.
Coffee cherries brought to CWS are weighed and placed in floating tanks where they are separated into unripe and ripe cherries. The pulp is removed using a pulper and dry fermentation is performed in a fermenter for 6 to 12 hours.

After that, we perform specific gravity sorting in the waterway and then perform intensive hand sorting. After sorting, the parchment is transferred to a drying table and dried in the sun. Our staff stirs the parchment every 30 minutes to ensure it dries evenly. When the moisture content of the parchment reaches 10.5%, it is packed into bags and stored in a warehouse.
Country of origin/Rwanda
Area/ Western Province, Nyamasheke District
Altitude / 1,650m - 1,850m
Purification method/Washed
Importer/Origin Countries
Roast degree / medium light roast (medium light roast)

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