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There are stone fruits reminiscent of ripe plums and yellow peaches, as well as exotic, tropical flavors like pineapple and kiwi, and flavors like juicy red grapes.

You can enjoy the pleasant smooth texture, rich sweetness, and floral aftertaste. Be sure to try Julio's coffee, which has a complex taste created by refining and fermentation.

plum, tropical, sweet, floral


Peralta Coffee is a specialty coffee exporter and producer representing Nicaragua. It is also famous for its stable quality, which is appreciated by buyers around the world.

Peralta Coffee is run by the Peralta family, with cousins ​​Julio and Octavio at the helm.

In 2008, they began full-scale commercial coffee production as a specialty coffee exporter, and have grown various varieties and repeatedly experimented with refining, offering refining and export services to producers who share their values. We also offer

I strongly feel their mentality of ``persistent'' as they continue to strive to move forward despite the constant challenges of political situations and climate change.

The elements that Peralta Coffee values ​​in order to improve its quality are farmland, variety, and refining. In particular, we have experimented with anaerobic fermentation, aiming to achieve consistency in quality rather than simply increasing the intensity of flavor.

■About pulped natural anaerobic purification■

-Coffee cherries are pulped.
-Put in a fermentation tank and ferment for 48 hours in an oxygen-free environment.
・The mucilage is not removed and begins the drying process, which usually takes about 18 days.

Country of origin/Nicaragua
Production area/ San Fernando, El Bayuncun#1
Farm name/ El Bosque El Bobble Plot
Producer/Julio Peralta Salomon
Altitude / 1,350m
Variety/Red Catuai
Purification method/Pulped Natural Anaerobic
Exporter/Peralta Coffees

Roast degree: Light roast (light roast)

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