HONDURAS | Rafael Segura Gesha

The elegant and delicate floral aroma unique to Geisha grapes is complemented by the soft acidity reminiscent of La France, and the flavors of Muscat, yellow peach, and mango.You can also enjoy the clear, rounded texture, thick sweetness reminiscent of maple, and a long-lasting aftertaste.
La France, Muscat, Elegant Floral, Maple
La Pijuda is a small farm in the Sursular region, not far from Tegucigalpa. Rafael had a dream of creating a coffee farm, and he purchased the land.
He originally worked in lowland corn and sweet potato farming, but one day he heard about the Panama Geisha variety and decided to try cultivating it, so he asked his sister, who lives in Panama, to get some Geisha seeds from the Boquete region.
They started planting seedlings in 2014, and the first harvest was in 2017. A sample was sent to Ronnie, an exporter. Fermentation took 24 hours, and drying took 15 days, allowing the coffee to be slowly refined to bring out the delicate flavors unique to Geisha.
Country of Origin: Honduras
Area / Zurzular, Candarranas, Francisco Morazan
Farmer / Rafael Segura Ponce
Farm / La Pijuda
Altitude / 1,550masl
Variety / Gesha
Refining method / Washed
Klopp / 2022/23
Importer / Taza Honduras Green
Roast Degree / Light roast
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