ETHIOPIA | Duromina Washed

Introducing washed and refined coffee from Ethiopia that has a soft, elegant and gorgeous feel!

From the powder state, there is a slight hint of spice, a bright citrus acidity like orange, a fruitiness and sweetness reminiscent of stone fruit apricot, an elegant and silky texture, and transparency. There is also a certain impression. It also features a gorgeous aftertaste that is reminiscent of a floral, Darjeeling tea-like aroma.

Darjeeling, orange, apricot, silky


This lot was purchased from a green coffee importer called 'Nordic Approach', which is said to be a pioneer of specialty coffee and is based in Oslo, Norway.

Duromina is a cooperative established in 2011 located in Agaro, Jimma, southwest Ethiopia. Since its inception, Nordic Approach has continued to purchase unique flavors that cannot be found anywhere else.

Before the establishment of the agricultural cooperative, low quality natural coffee was mainly refined in this area and sold as Jimma Grade 5 (the lowest priced coffee).

These projects have made the region economically profitable for the collective's farmers and a region that produces award-winning coffee.

In addition to the hundreds of members who sell cherries, neighboring farmers who are not members can also sell cherries. Members receive a second payment after the coffee has been refined and graded for quality.

This region also has an excellent support system, and with the support of an organization called TechnoServe, we have installed washing stations, switched to environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods, increased production of premium quality products, and established a traceability system for each lot. We have succeeded in producing high-quality coffee since the first year of establishment.
Since our inception, the Ecopulper allows us to remove coffee pulp using only 10-20% of the water used by traditional machines, and the removed pulp is used as compost. The wastewater flows through a filtering vetiver grass wetland, and the remaining wastewater is sent to a water treatment system where it is thoroughly filtered without returning to the soil.

Country of origin/Ethiopia
Production area/ Agaro, Sidama
Refinery/Duromina Washing Station
Variety/1274 (native species)
Purification method/Washed
Importer/Nordic Approach
Roast degree / light roast

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