COLOMBIA | Willinton Gutierrez Geisha

The rich aroma of Geisha coffee is as gorgeous and refreshing as jasmine, and the liquid has a clean, transparent feel. You can enjoy the acidity of Japanese citrus yuzu and refreshing lemon, the thick sweetness of white peach, and the flavor of muscat. This is a coffee that you can enjoy daily.
Jasmine, lemon, white peach, clean
We would like to introduce Villa Coffee, a farm in the Planadas region of Tolima, which is attracting the most attention from importers. This coffee is a masterpiece that is full of the passion of producers who are committed to environmental protection and cultivation methods that are in harmony with nature. Planadas is located in the southern part of Colombia and is a region with beautiful scenery that spreads across the highlands of the Andes. In recent years, with the progress of the peace process, the quality and diversity of coffee in this region has become the focus of attention.
The Villa coffee we will introduce this time is one of the best coffees produced in this region. The coffee is produced by Willington Gutierrez, who was taught the importance of coexisting with nature by his father and aims to pass on this rich natural environment to his sons. He cultivates organically without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Villa coffee is also the only company in the region that has legal contracts with all of its workers.
Villa coffee is a group company of *SENA (National Vocational Training Agency) with the cooperation of the Planadas Mayor's Office and with funding from *FondoEmprender (Entrepreneur Support Fund) to strengthen its cultivation/employment process. He wants to contribute to the development of Planadas as a whole by calling on all producers and micro-entrepreneurs in Planadas to participate in a call for proposals to obtain seed funding and support not only himself but also other producers and entrepreneurs.
Villa coffee is a wonderful coffee that is born from the harmony between nature and humans. Drinking this coffee allowed me to feel the beauty of Planadas and Mr. Willington's passion.
Country of origin / Colombia
Production area / Planadas, Tolima
Farmer / Willinton Gutierrez
Farm / Villa Coffee
elevation / 1,700m
Varieties / Geisha
Purification Method / Washed (36h anaerobic)
Crop / 2022/23
Importer / Haiz Coffee Import
Roast level: Light roast
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