COLOMBIA | Popayan Primera Washed

By roasting it to a medium-dark roast, it is not too bitter, has a pleasant rich sweetness, and has a fragrant aftertaste. You can fully enjoy the fruity sweetness of this coffee, with flavors like American cherry and dried francberries.

Dark chocolate, American cherry, dried cranberry, almond


Popayan is surrounded by particularly favorable conditions for coffee production, including volcanic soil rich in nutrients essential for coffee growth, abundant rainfall of approximately 1,600 to 2,500 mm per year, and an average temperature of around 22 degrees throughout the year. There is a temperature difference due to the nighttime temperature, which is low enough to prevent frost that can damage the coffee.

Unlike the steep slopes of Huila, the relatively gentle plateau allows for stable, well-maintained coffee cultivation, and is said to be an area where the flavor is highly reproducible year after year.

For this lot, we will combine multiple lots from historic farmers who are passionate about coffee production in the designated areas of the Cauca and Popayan Plateau, especially in the southern region near the Panama border, and conduct a cup test with a local exporter.

In Popayan, the cultivation of hybrid varieties that have been common in recent years is rare, and Typica and Castillo have been cultivated since ancient times. The coffee, which is selected from cherries grown slowly in the shade of natural forests and 100% sun-dried, is of the highest quality among the many lots produced in Popayan, and has a juicy, deep flavor full of tropical fruit. Masu.

"Primera" has the meaning of being of the highest grade or special quality. We confidently recommend carefully selected, top-quality Popayan coffee.

Country of origin/ Colombia
Production area/ Cauca, South Popayan
Producers/ Selected farmers at the border of Colombia and Panama
Altitude / 1,700m
Variety/ Typica, Caturra
Purification method/Washed and Sun-dry
Roast level / medium dark roast

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