COLOMBIA | Jose Julian Gesha

Introducing the gorgeous Colombian Geisha species!
You can enjoy the transparent flavor reminiscent of fresh muscat and tropical lychee, and the citrus acidity reminiscent of citrus like bergamot.

The florals are complex and change depending on the temperature range, such as jasmine, earl gray, and chamomile. Please also pay attention to the appearance . The aftertaste has nuances of spices and herbs, and the clear, high-quality sweetness typical of the Geisha variety, as well as the pleasant texture, are impressive.


Muscat, lychee, floral, spice


Jose is a coffee producer and childhood friend of David, the representative of DAVIDA, who attended the same elementary school, middle school, and high school. His office and dry mill, located near the Armenian airport, overlooks a beautiful mountain range, and his farm, LasMarias, is located a short distance from there.

He mainly grows Gesha, Mokka, and Pink Bourbon, mainly in Las Marias, and also buys Caturron and Ethiopian Heirloom (Ombligon) cherries from Huila, which he processes in his own mill.

His farm has a large temperature difference between day and night, and the relatively short daylight hours make the cherries very beautiful, and the amount of mucilage produced is very large.

In order to produce excellent coffee, he uses various methods such as using kombucha yeast for refining and drying, and drying in a constant temperature warehouse under thorough temperature control. What we value above all else is the ``coffee genetics.''

Approximately 8,000 coffee trees are numbered, the trees with the most cherries are selected, and all the cherries are tasted to taste. From there, we select only those that have a high yield and are good cherries, and grow those seeds.

This process is repeated over many generations to cultivate the finest quality coffee. We divide the cherries into lots based on their flavor, and explore processes that suit each type.

Currently, only Geisha is being selected over three generations. This coffee has a complex flavor and a strong taste, which is the result of many years of hard work.

Although the yield is still small, the area is expanding and it will gradually increase. Jose's coffee is created not by his simple techniques or knowledge, but by his love for coffee, his inquisitive mind, and his tenacity. It won't be long before it attracts coffee lovers around the world. Jose is one of the producers that DAVIDA supports and wants to promote the most.

Process of Double Washed

1.24hour fermentation (cherry state)
2. Pulping
3.24hours waterless fermentation (parchment state)
Ferment by soaking in water for 4.24 hours (parchment state)

Country of origin/ Colombia
Production area/ Pijao, Quindio
Producer/ Jose Julian Giraldo
Altitude / 1,950m
Variety / Gesha
Purification method/Double Washed
Importer/DA VIDA
Roast level / light roast

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