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Latte Base | Sugarless

Latte Base | Sugarless

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Introducing [ Latte Base], which allows you to easily make latte at home.

Finished with [ sugar-free ] using our signature blend "SHIKISHIMA BLEND". If you have milk available, you can make a cafe latte , an oat milk latte , or mix it with soda to make an affogato with coffee soda or vanilla ice cream. There are various ways to enjoy it. A latte base that expands the range of ways you can enjoy coffee at home. Please feel free to enjoy it.

■ Guideline: Please dilute 4 to 5 times with milk, soy milk, or water (please adjust the amount to your liking).

Contents: 250ml
Ingredients: Coffee (SHIKISHIMA BLEND)
Best before date: written on the back of the label Storage method: Store at room temperature
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