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EL SALVADOR | Jaime Guevara Pacamara

EL SALVADOR | Jaime Guevara Pacamara

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The flavor of stone fruits reminiscent of prunes and yellow peaches is combined with the fragrant sweetness of baked apples and mild acidity. This Pacamara coffee, which has been processed using honey, has a good liquid thickness, and the impression of sweetness changes depending on the temperature.


Baked apple, yellow peach, prune, honey


Don Jaime Farm is located about 20 minutes by car up the mountain from the center of San Ignacio, a short distance down a rough unpaved road. When Jaime inherited this land from his parents, he started growing coffee because there were many famous coffee growers in the neighborhood. Pacas, Pacamara, SL-28, and Geisha are cultivated in separate plots on the approximately 5 hectare farm.

He is very enthusiastic about research, and produces many micro lots using various ingenuity in all processes of washed, honey, and natural coffee. In addition, he has an interesting initiative in which he has a drying room built on the roof of his house with curtains of different light blocking rates, and controls the drying speed according to the lot.

In recent years, we have expanded our drying equipment and are now able to dry the coffee slowly over a longer period of time, resulting in a clear flavor and a clean texture without any impurities.

Country of Origin: El Salvador
Area / San Ignacia, Chalatenango
Producer: Jaime Guevara
Farm name / Finca Don Jaime
Elevation / 1,400 - 1,500m
Variety / Pacamara
Refining Method / Honey
Klopp / 2022/23
Importer / Coyote
Roast level: Medium light roast

Comes in a package with a chuck and gas valve for excellent storage.
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